GP Reports Viewer

Dynamics GP Reporting Made Easy

Crystal and SSRS Reports in Dynamics GP    
Crystal, Excel and SSRS Reports in Dynamics GP
  • Print Excel, SSRS and Crystal Reports directly from Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Email your custom reports as PDF or Excel attachments
  • Replace SOP and POP reports with your own
  • Link reports to any window in Dynamics GP, including 3rd party windows
  • Automatically switch reports to point to the current GP company database
  • Assign built-in GP or custom lookups to your report parameters
  • Automatically pass field values on windows into report parameters
  • Mix and match Crystal, Excel and SSRS reports in your GP environment
Replace SOP and POP Reports in Dynamics GP    
Replace SOP and POP Reports in Dynamics GP
  • Supports all built-in Dynamics GP email functionality for SOP/POP
  • Allows replacing all available GP report formats
  • Supports multiple reports for each format
  • Replace as many or as few reports as you want
  • Sample reports are included to save you time
  • Email and print reports the same way as out-of-the-box GP reports
  • Works with single transactions or batches
  • Watch a demo video of replacement for SOP reports or POP reports
Email Any of Your Reports in Dynamics GP    
Email Any of Your Reports in Dynamics GP
  • Quickly and easily email your reports attachments (see demo video)
  • Use pre-saved Message IDs for email subject and message
  • Specify default file attachment names for emailing your report
  • For Statements and SOP/POP reports emailing will use the built-in setup within Dynamics GP for email addresses, messages and document types
  • Supports batch emailing in Sales Order Processing
  • Offers easy solution when Statements or SOP invoices need to be emailed to some customers and printed for others
  • This feature is available for Dynamics GP 2010 and higher
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Mass Email and Print Customer Statements
  • Use Crystal or SSRS reports to mass email or print customer statements from Dynamics GP
  • You can email statements for customers with valid email addresses and choose to only print the statements for customers that did not get emailed
  • Emailed statements are sent as PDF attachments without requiring Adobe Acrobat to be installed
  • Includes new window to make selecting customers for statements easy
  • Select by statement cycle, balance, customer ID range or class ID range
  • Save statement profiles to speed up repetitive tasks
Print Your Reports from Any Window in Dynamics GP    
Print Your Reports from Any Window in Dynamics GP
  • Easily link your reports to Dynamics GP windows with Report Shortcuts
  • Reports can be printed from the Print button or the Additional menu
  • Pass fields on windows as parameters to your reports
  • Parameters can also be defaulted to 'globals' like user ID or month end date
  • Supports an unlimited number of reports per window
  • Can replace default Dynamics GP reports on any window
  • Supports most 3rd party windows
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Set Up Destination Defaults for Your Reports
  • Save default destinations for any or all of your reports
  • Use predefined email messages and file attachment names
  • Specify default printer and number of copies for each report
  • Save time by previewing, printing or emailing reports with one click
  • Default destinations will also work with Report Shortcuts
  • Even if a default is set, users still have the option of changing destinations when generating reports
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Make Parameter Selection More User Friendly
  • GP Reports Viewer includes default lookups for many common parameters including Customer ID, Vendor ID and Item Number
  • Users see familiar Dynamics GP windows when selecting report parameters
  • Create custom Static Lookups for short lists of options such as Yes/No, Months or Departments
  • Create custom Dynamic Lookups for any data in your database
  • Custom Dynamic Lookups can be created to use data from a SQL table, view or stored procedure
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Easily Default System Values for Report Parameters
  • Use Global Parameters to automatically populate your report parameters with Dynamics GP system values
  • Choose from 12 predefined global values such as Company Database Name, User ID, Current GP User Date, Beginning of Month and End of Month
  • Global Parameters can be used with Report Shortcuts to make report generation quicker and more user-friendly
  • View a video showing Global Parameters in action
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Save Time by Creating Favorites for Your Reports
  • GP Reports Viewer Favorites let you save parameter values so they can be reused when generating reports
  • Users can create, modify and use saved Favorites for each report, similar to Smartlist functionality
  • If desired, Favorites can be disabled for individual reports
  • Favorites can include Global Parameters such as Beginning of Year and End of Year to make your reports more dynamic
  • Save an unlimited number of report Favorites
Excel, Crystal and SSRS
GP Reports Viewer makes managing Excel, Crystal and SSRS reports together in Dynamics GP a breeze.

Replace SOP/POP Reports
Replace any Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order reports with your SSRS or Crystal reports.

Email Any Report
Quickly and easily email any of your Crystal, SSRS and Excel reports, including SOP and POP reports.

Mass Email Statements
Mass email or print customer statements using Crystal or SSRS reports.

Report Shortcuts
Print reports from any window in Dynamics GP, including 3rd party windows.

Report Destination Defaults
Specify the default printer, number of copies, e-mail message and even the attachment name for your reports.

Parameter Lookups
Use out-of-the-box Dynamics GP lookup windows for report parameters or create your own custom lookups.

Global Parameters
Global parameters are available in GP Reports Viewer to default commonly used system values.

Just like in Smartlist, you can create GP Reports Viewer Favorites with saved parameter values for your reports.